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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

If you need relief immediately and have a regular source of income Chapter 13 might be your best option.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

If your debts are basic and things can be planned out you may consider a Chapter 7.

Debt Relief

We will explain how your debts and your income can define your options in and outside of bankruptcy.

Find out if bankruptcy is the best option for you. Talk to a lawyer today.



Stop creditors from taking money out of your paychecks or bank accounts.


Stop creditors from taking your vehicle or other property or force a return if they already have it. Act quickly.


Save your house from going back to the bank. Stop a foreclosure and use a repayment plan to catch up on the payments.

Law Suits

Stop creditors from getting or enforcing a judgement. Prevent litigation and get peace of mind.

Find out if bankruptcy is the best option for you. Talk to a lawyer today.


Who We Are

Our History

We dedicate our practice to consumer bankruptcy. We have successfully completed thousands of bankruptcy cases. We explain your options and help you plan your bankruptcy case so that you can minimize your losses and get back in control of your financial future. Our goal is for you to understand what will happen in your particular case.

Our staff is responsive and caring. They can help you navigate the process and make sure your case is successful. Our paralegals have over 50 years of combined experience in bankruptcy practice. We also have a receptionist, legal assistant, technician and an accounts manager to ensure we provide excellent customer service. A lot of our business comes from referrals and we will work hard to provide you with competent, responsive legal representation.

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Attorney Bankruptcy Experience
+ Years
Paralegal Bankruptcy Experience
Active Bankruptcy

What Sets Us Apart



Bankruptcy attorneys who will work evenings and after hours to make scheduling easier. We understand that not everyone can make a regular office hours appointment and we try to accommodate our clients so they miss as little work as possible.


Bankruptcy attorneys who carefully plan and explain your case with your needs in mind. We explain the how and why of your case. We explain the practical issues and the theoretical ones as well.


Our bankruptcy firm is more than just one person – it is a set of ideas, systems, and people designed to provide you with the best possible outcome for your case.


We file most of our cases without any money down. The majority of our cases are Chapter 13 bankruptcies with the attorney’s fees paid through a plan and no money up front to file.


We believe in customer service and responsiveness. We have excellent staffing – our paralegals have a combined 50+ years of working with bankruptcy cases and we have additional support staff to help run the office.


We have a service that provides both classes to our clients with online as well as over the phone options. We cover the cost of both classes.


Find out if bankruptcy is the best option for you. Talk to a lawyer today.

What We Do

Chapter 7

Cases for unsecured debts and basic needs. Sometimes a starting point for relief.

Chapter 13

Complete plans to preserve assets, stop creditors, and get relief immediately.


We can use bankruptcy to stop seizures or recover vehicles in most circumstances if you act quickly.


We can stop the seizure of paychecks and accounts by creditors.


Stopping the loss of your home through a bankruptcy plan. We cover your options.

Tax Debt

We can discharge or reorganize tax obligations in most cases.

Debt Relief

Using the federal bankruptcy system to stop creditors and get you back on track.

Pre-bankruptcy Planning

We explain how to plan things out for success and avoid hidden dangers.

Find out if bankruptcy is the best option for you. Talk to a lawyer today.


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Find out if bankruptcy is the best option for you. Talk to a lawyer today.


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