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Bankruptcy News


What A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney Can Do For You

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney can provide guidance and support to their clients in helping them through a bankruptcy proceeding. Many middle and working class families have been helped through filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy, achieving debt relief while saving their home and their vehicles. For many people, it is a great way to get out…


Foreclosure Can Be Avoided Through Bankruptcy

Foreclosure on a home mortgage in Kansas can be stopped through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy in most cases. Chapter 13 allows you to make up past due payments through a restructuring plan. It is also possible in some cases to remove second mortgages.  In many Chapter 13 bankruptcies mortgage lenders are paid directly by the…


Debt Settlement Plan vs Filing Bankruptcy

The term Debt Settlement refers to when a creditor accepts less than a debtor owes on a principal balance. With this type of program, debtors make monthly payments into an escrow account over time. The settlement company’s fee is taken off the top of funds paid into the account. Debt settlement may be limited to…


Bankruptcy Protection Is Possible With Coons & Crump Law Firm

Bankruptcy protection offers debt relief for residents of Kansas who are experiencing financial difficulties. It is a way to take control and reduce or possibly eliminate a heavy debt load.  The bankruptcy system is designed to help honest people who have fallen on hard times get a fresh start. In most cases, once a debtor…


How A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Kansas Can Help You Find Debt Relief!

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney represents individuals seeking to file a particular type of debt relief action under the bankruptcy code. For overwhelming consumer or medical debt, there are options available under the law for relief. Known more commonly as a “Wage Earners” bankruptcy, this form of bankruptcy helps individuals restructure their secured debt. In…

Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney paperwork for filing

What A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Can Do For You

A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney in Kansas City assists clients in seeking relief from debt. The lawyer does all that is necessary and required to help clients get out from under what may be overwhelming financial obligations. Sometimes referred to as a “Fresh Start” bankruptcy, the debtor is able to start over without the burden…


12 Secrets to Hiring an Attorney

1. Be comfortable with yourself and your case. No matter what has happened remember that you are seeing a lawyer because you need help and they are seeing you because they need a client. Almost nobody hires an attorney because things are going well. People usually hire attorneys because there is some disaster going on…


Nebraska Furniture Mart

Evans and Mullinix is a Shawnee based law firm that frequently represents Nebraska Furniture Mart in collections cases. They sue people on behalf of Nebraska Furniture Mart and use the state court system to collect money for their client. If you are being sued by them you could be subject to a wage garnishment after…


Kramer and Frank Garnishment

Kramer and Frank, PC is a collections law firm with offices in Saint Louis and Kansas City.  They sue people on behalf of creditors and use the state court system to collect money for their clients.  If you are being sued by them you could be subject to a wage garnishment after they obtain a judgement.  A wage garnishment…


H Kent Hollins – Attorney

H. Kent Hollins is a Topeka based debt collection attorney.  He owns and operates the Collection Bureau of Kansas.  He sues people on behalf of creditors and uses the state court system to collect money for his clients.  If you are being sued by him you could be subject to a wage garnishment after he obtains a judgement.  A wage garnishment can…

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