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Bankruptcy News


Will I ever completely recover after bankruptcy?

People often focus on the harm to their credit score as the reason to not file a bankruptcy. In a sense they are worried about their ability to get credit again after bankruptcy. The concept of credit in our society is flexible. Credit availability changes based on our circumstances and also based on the economy…


Is Bankruptcy Fundamentally Unfair To Your Creditors?

The Bankruptcy system in the United States is an essential part of the economy.  It is part of the system that regulates consumer transactions and handles the orderly default on loans and credit transactions. In every consumer transaction the bank has built in the risk of default.  If a business knows they will only be…


Is Debt Settlement Better Than a Bankruptcy?

Settle your debt for pennies on the dollar without filing bankruptcy – this is a typical catchphrase debt settlement companies use. Sounds great but beware of the process and the uncertainties that it brings. Here is a quick comparison of debt settlement and bankruptcy. Remember that your financial situation is unique and that you would…


Is Bankruptcy Even More Stressful Than Dealing with Creditors When You Can’t Pay Them?

If you are reading this article then you have been in the position of having bills due that you cannot cover or you know someone in that position.  You have suffered from feelings of embarrassment, shame, or anxiety.  You might have a feeling that there is a loss of control over your life.  These are…

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