Debt Settlement


Advantages of Debt Management vs Debt Settlement

Debt management through bankruptcy vs. debt settlement through a credit consulting firm is an ongoing debate between bankruptcy attorneys and firms offering debt relief to consumers. Essentially, they are each a different solution to the same problem – each option aims to make your debt more manageable, but with advantages and disadvantages that can have…


Debt Settlement Plan vs Filing Bankruptcy

The term Debt Settlement refers to when a creditor accepts less than a debtor owes on a principal balance. With this type of program, debtors make monthly payments into an escrow account over time. The settlement company’s fee is taken off the top of funds paid into the account. Debt settlement may be limited to…


How A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Kansas Can Help You Find Debt Relief!

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney represents individuals seeking to file a particular type of debt relief action under the bankruptcy code. For overwhelming consumer or medical debt, there are options available under the law for relief. Known more commonly as a “Wage Earners” bankruptcy, this form of bankruptcy helps individuals restructure their secured debt. In…