Why Should You Hire A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney?


A Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney can help you file a bankruptcy to stop creditor phone calls, letters and other collection actions against you. After filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy creditors must stop any actions against you to collect on outstanding debts. This is what we call an Automatic Stay. Automatic stay can effectively put a stop to foreclosure on your home, repossession of your vehicle, lawsuits and most wage garnishments. 

Before filing bankruptcy, consumers who find themselves in a financial bind can live a nightmare of stress and worry over unpaid bills. There can be demanding phone calls and letters to contend with, as well as the potential for lawsuits and garnishment of wages and bank accounts. You should hire a Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney who can offer advice and guidance with filing bankruptcy to resolve your debt problems.

When Should I File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy? 

One of the smartest moves you ever make could be filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  You need to meet with your Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney to make sure you thoroughly understand the process and understand the difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies.  You will also need to gather information and documents and create a repayment plan with your attorney. 

Immediate Benefits Of Hiring A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney
Most people who have met with a bankruptcy attorney to discuss bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy options feel immediate relief.  Meeting an experienced bankruptcy attorney allows you to create a plan of action on dealing with your creditors and allows you to take charge of the situation. 

Filing bankruptcy is the way to stop any lawsuits in state courts.  While you are in the process of preparing to file your bankruptcy case, creditors are able to continue with their collection efforts – they can continue to pursue judgments and garnishments.  Wanting to file a bankruptcy in the future (even if it is immediate future) is not enough to stop law suits or garnishments. 

What A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney Will Do For You
Your attorney provides not only tangible relief but emotional relief as well. You will get information that will allow you to plan out your case. When you hire a Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney you can avoid losing your home, your vehicle or other property while reorganizing your finances. While your particular situation may or may not be urgent, an attorney will guide you through every facet of the bankruptcy process and advise you of your options.  

If you are worried about losing your home or car, if you have large medical bills or are behind on your credit card payments or owe taxes, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney can help. 

At Coons & Crump, our lawyers are knowledgeable and supportive. Our goal is for our clients to make informed decisions about their finances and to experience the relief that a properly filed bankruptcy can provide. For a free, confidential consultation, call today. Filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy can go a long way in relieving some of the stress that you are experiencing.

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