Butler & Associates Garnishment


Many of our clients had an unfortunate experience of having a large chunk of their paycheck gone without what seems to be much notice.  After calling the payroll department, they often find out that there is a debt collector law firm, such as Butler & Associates garnishing their wages for an unpaid bill.  Wage garnishments and bank account garnishments are allowed under Kansas Law for creditors who have a judgment against you (Actual Statute here).  The employer is required by law to take out up to 25% of your wages once they receive the Court Order authorizing the garnishment.


Filing of Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can stop a garnishment in most cases.  The faster you get in to see us the faster we can help you get back on track.  You will get money back for periods worked after filing of the bankruptcy.   You might be able to file a bankruptcy case with NO MONEY UP FRONT. 

When you file a bankruptcy case and Automatic Stay comes into immediate effect.  Automatic Stay is a court order that is mailed to all of your creditors that lets them know you have filed a bankruptcy and that creditors have to cease all collection activities.   The automatic stay is what allows us to stop garnishments, repossessions, collection attempts, lawsuits and other creditor activity.  It does not matter that the creditor already has a judgement or has already filed an action – the Stay will stop actions and force creditors to turn things off. 

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