Kramer & Frank Garnishment

Kramer and Frank, PC is a collections law firm with offices in Saint Louis and Kansas City. They sue people on behalf of creditors and use the state court system to collect money for their clients. If you are being sued by them you could be subject to a wage garnishment after they obtain a judgement. A wage garnishment can be used to take 25% of your wages for the benefit of the creditor that has the judgement. You could also be subject to a bank account garnishment and they can take up to 100% of the funds you have in any bank account. If you are facing a lawsuit from Kramer and Frank and you want to know your options you can call or email us and we will arrange a free consultation.

You may be able to stop the lawsuit completely. You can also possibly prevent the garnishment or even if a wage garnishment is in place you can get it turned off. We are happy to explain all of your options and let you know what can be done to put a stop to collection efforts. We are not affiliated with Kramer and Frank and this information is meant to provide access to information in dealing with collections attempts.

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