Stop ARSI Debt Collection


Account Recovery Specialists, Inc (ARSI) is a debt collector with offices in Wichita, Dodge City and Garden City, Kansas.  Wichita office is now the corporate headquarters. ARSI’s client base is 98% medical but they handle other types of collection accounts as well.


A bankruptcy can stop a garnishment in most cases. The faster you get into see us the faster we can get things back on track. You will get money back for periods worked after filing. 

Most creditors need a judgement to garnish you. Getting a judgement usually takes several months and the creditor or their attorney has notified you my mail. Once the judgement is obtained in the court system the creditor will begin to try and determine where you work or where you have your bank accounts.

The judgement will be used to garnish you and force you to appear at hearings. This is the primary reason creditors go to such great lengths to hire and attorney and file a lawsuit. In Kansas a garnishment of your wages is limited to 25% of your income after required deductions (taxes) are made. A garnishment of your bank account is only limited by how much money you owe on the judgement. If your paycheck is deposited in an account and then garnished the creditor might get the entire check since the wage garnishment limitation goes away once the money is in your account!


Bankruptcy process can be complex and technical.  There are lots of issues that can come into play.  Debt collectors have lawyers on their side.  You should have an experienced bankruptcy attorney guiding you through the process. Contact our office at 785-856-8720 or by email to set up a FREE consultation or to talk to an attorney today!

(If you are trying to reach ARSI you can visit their website here. This website is not affiliated with ARSI.)

Find out if bankruptcy is the best option for you. Talk to a lawyer today.